Week 23: A Bump in the Road

The best laid plans of mice and men ….

I was looking forward to a good, active week and then I caught a stomach bug that knocked me down for the bulk of the week. Nothing quite as frustrating when you can’t eat, can’t keep anything down, no energy (not even for reading), and am stuck in the house.

Fortunately, it was my regular clinic week so easy to chat with the medical team, get a few needed tests done (abdomen x-ray, stool sample, blood work), and it looks like this was only a stomach bug, not more GvHD or a c.dif infection. While this bug has been making the rounds, it may have taken more out of me given what my immune system has gone through and that it is still in the rebuilding stage.

And they provided home care for getting hydration, rather than having to go to the clinic. Makes a big difference when you are feeling so crummy. And another happy accident: my Hickman has not yet been taken out, making hooking me up for hydration all that much easier.

All of this during my birthday week so even the timing not ideal (never is). So the family plans for the weekend (our son is also back) had to be scaled back. However, I appear to be slowly on the mend now, and hope to start eating real food and going on walks and the like.

I have another clinic visit next Tuesday just to check that all ok (my graduation keeps on being postponed!).

My normal ‘glass half-full’ perspective was challenged; while I intellectually know that it is a marathon, that bumps on the road are normal, by this time 5 months post-transplant, my expectations were not to be hit so hard.

And invariably, while the big ‘dark thoughts’ were not an issue, the worries that I may have to live with some chronic condition that has a major impact on my quality of life came back. The problem with feeling week is I don’t have the energy to do things, and just as the ‘devil finds work for idle hands’, he also plays mischief with idle thoughts!

Part of this stage of post-transplant life, and a reminder to take full advantage of the moments as one can, as there will be other moments like this.

As a result, not a very productive week. I did get some nice books for my birthday for the weeks ahead, watched a Jackie Chan movie on the 1911 Nationalist Chinese Revolution, 1911, a rather patriotic tome, and one clearly designed for the mainland market, and followed the ups and downs of the South Carolina primary.

Will not make any predictions for next week – just hoping that my recovery continues and that I can get back to normal!


One thought on “Week 23: A Bump in the Road

  1. May it continue Andrew! Who needed to be out on the hiways and biways in the middle of winter anyway? Save your strength for the glory of spring and the mind, yes, plays tricks on all of us – regularly. Ciao, B and V

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