Week 31: A Break

It has been a good week, with our break in Toronto, doing some university tours for our daughter, seeing our son, a brother and some old family friends, and enjoying life in the big city.

Feels a bit strange to be in a big city again. The crowds, and my natural apprehension about being in crowd scenes given immunity concerns, made me cut short some visits (e.g., seeing an exhibit on the Maya during March break was probably not a good idea, so I walked through more quickly that I would normally). And one look at the crowds taking the subway (metro) made me realize better to walk!

As a result, walking more than usual, and so feeling my leg muscles more. Good conditioning opportunity.

The other thing is given the background noise of a city, my hearing loss (going on for some time) is more noticeable, and I tend to search out for quieter side streets. The aging process at work!

While fun trying new restaurants and food, more stomach burbles, interestingly that manifest themselves when walking, that crimped my plans a little bit.

We saw High Life, a play by Lee MacDowell, very cleverly written about an attempted heist by four down-on-their-luck drug addicts. Some incredibly sharp and funny dialogue, well acted, credible characters. A very enjoyable evening that also passed my test of keeping me engaged and awake throughout – my energy level is weakest in the evening!

Overall, a really good test, in a way, of how I am doing some 7 months out from transplant. Not at pre-transplant, obviously, but well and strong enough (assuming I have picked up any infections) to be able to get out and about, and enjoy. Reassuring and encouraging, as is overcoming almost the fear of climbing out of the shell of my Ottawa routine. That fine psychological balance between being prudent and paranoid about risks!

Next week is clinic week so the usual check-in, more than check-up. Assume will have the go ahead for the final phase-out of Prednisone, one less medication and side effects.

For my Iranian readers, an advance Eid-e-Mobarak for the Persian New Year this week.


4 thoughts on “Week 31: A Break

  1. Dear Andrew, so good to hear about your Toronto week. I spent a week there in 2006 for a Buddhist Empoweremt Ceremony and have highly enjoyed a happy stay, gathering with friends, bookstores, jazz concert at a fine club in town. Our event hotel was just on the waterfront not too far from the ferrys and I have s-caped for an afternoon from ou sessions.

    With love and many good wishes, Hans Peter

    • Thanks Hans Peter. Toronto is my old home town, so even as it has grown and changed, I still like going there, and it is also good seeing it through the eyes of our kids (who like the big city feel). I always tried when I travelled on business to carve out some personal time and it sounds like you do the same.

      Thanks for letting me know that you had a good experience there – hopefully a future conference will bring you back.

      All the best, Andrew

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