No, a Universal Cancer Vaccine Was Not Just Developed – Neal Emery – The Atlantic

Given the large media coverage on the ‘possible’ universal cancer vaccine, this article puts that claim into context and how, given the complexity of cancers and the limited trials of the drug ImMucin, a universal cancer vaccine is unlikely. Quote:

ImMucin may not be the wonder drug advertised, but hope remains for the therapeutic potential of MUC1 vaccines. “There have clearly been failures of vaccines targeting MUC1”, Dr. Schlom reminds us, “but that doesnt mean newer vaccines won’t do it better.” Currently, researchers are conducting 30 clinical trials involving MUC1 therapies around the country. One such treatement called Stimuvax, a therapeutic vaccine similar to ImMucin, has shown promise in early clinical trials treating lung cancer and should finish clinical testing by early 2013. The speculative grandeur around ImMucin should not obscure actual scientific advance.

Overstatement of this drugs potential impact should serve as a reminder of the thousands of experts who have devoted their careers to trying to find cures for deadly diseases. If such a panacea is ever developed, it will be announced by the medical journal The Lancet, not the Telegraph.

No, a Universal Cancer Vaccine Was Not Just Developed – Neal Emery – Health – The Atlantic.


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