Protect Yourself!

A bit of a mixed article on relationships and people wishing to help those going through a serious illness like cancer. His bottom line is:

The ONLY thing that matters is what YOU need and want. Period.  It doesn’t matter if others disagree with you, because you know yourself and your situation best. …

We are all brought up to believe that “life isn’t about you” and it is wrong to be the center of attention. I say that when you are dealing with a difficult life challenge, it IS about you and you should ask for what you want and refuse what you don’t.

While there is merit in what he says – this is one time in one’s life that one can be justifiably ‘selfish’, I quickly came to the conclusion that my lymphoma was not just about me, it was also about my family, friends and other people affected. That  tempered my self-centredness, but I did become more discerning about my relationships, focussing on those most important to me and where the connection was most meaningful.

Protect Yourself! « Cancer.


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