Can You Make Yourself Smarter? –

Interesting article on intelligence, the difference between:

… crystallized intelligence, the treasure trove of stored-up information and how-to knowledge (the sort of thing tested on “Jeopardy!” or put to use when you ride a bicycle); and fluid intelligence (…..the capacity to solve novel problems, to learn, to reason, to see connections and to get to the bottom of things). Crystallized intelligence grows as you age; fluid intelligence has long been known to peak in early adulthood, around college age, and then to decline gradually. And unlike physical conditioning, which can transform 98-pound weaklings into hunks, fluid intelligence has always been considered impervious to training.

While this research on how training can improve fluid intelligence is interesting in its own right, may also help address chemo brain, given the impact that has on short-term memory, as the training works on working memory (sounds like RAM in computer speak but is defined as:

“…. the capacity to manipulate the information you’re holding in your head — to add or subtract those numbers, place them in reverse order or sort them from high to low. Understanding a metaphor or an analogy is equally dependent on working memory; you can’t follow even a simple statement like “See Jane run” if you can’t put together how “see” and “Jane” connect with “run.” Without it, you can’t make sense of anything.)

Can You Make Yourself Smarter? –

And to try out the game:

Play a free online version of the N-back game


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