Progress Report on a Decluttering Project –

While some of this is fairly standard to those of us who have reached that stage in life where ‘less is more’, some good additional areas to declutter:

  • electronic equipment that keeps us from living in the moment; 
  • people who are an emotional drain instead of a joy; 
  • piles of CDs and DVDs that are never watched or listened to; 
  • food that gets stuffed into an already satiated body; and 
  • unwanted or unloved gifts from people you nonetheless care about.

And a good comment on the electronic age and vacations:

As I watched others buried in their iPads, laptops and smartphones, I wondered what people did on vacation before we had this plethora of electronic equipment keeping us “in touch” 24/7. Perhaps they telephoned now and then to see how the dog was faring.

Not knowing about problems back home or at work surely meant vacations were more relaxing, a real break from daily stress.

… far too many plugged-in people now wander through life oblivious to their surroundings. They don’t see the trees, hear the birds, notice the people or even the traffic.

One of the interesting things that I discover as our kids get older is how some of the stuff we wish to get rid of has retro appeal to them (e.g., vinyl records, some clothing) – another declutter possibility.

Progress Report on a Decluttering Project –


2 thoughts on “Progress Report on a Decluttering Project –

  1. Thanks for the gentle reminder to tune in to the now and unplug from the world. I find a nice long walk in nature, or working in the garden a very rejuvenating experience for the body and mind.

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