Life, Interrupted: Posting Your Cancer on Facebook –

The process of deciding what and when to share for the Facebook generation by Suleika Jaouad. Sharing is never easy, as it takes time to ‘process’ the diagnosis oneself, and one’s public profile tends towards the more attractive, sunny-side of life. What is interesting is how Facebook and other tools (e.g., forums, blogs) can provide virtual support networks. Quote:

For the first time since I’ve been sick, I feel connected to a responsive community I hadn’t previously known existed. I like hearing from other cancer patients, and their caregivers, who share with me their own stories and wisdom. And for my friends, this has been an opportunity to witness and engage in an ongoing conversation about what it means to have cancer in your 20s.

I suspect Suleika is finding out how many of her 1,500 friends on Facebook are real, versus virtual (my favourite example is that of one Canadian politician who complained that he could only have 5,000 friends on Facebook – he can have followers, fans etc, but I imagine true friends are in a small circle). Google+’s Circles idea captures a more discriminating and layered approach to family and friends, that corresponds more to our reality – at least to me.

Life, Interrupted: Posting Your Cancer on Facebook –


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