Science-Based Medicine » Another cancer tragedy in the making

A somewhat lengthy article on quack science and how it preys upon people. While it can be a legitimate decision to refuse treatment should the benefits of some additional time not be worth the side-effects and worse quality of life (e.g., a few extra months of life but suffering through harsh treatment), placing one’s hope in ‘easy’ alternate treatments is less than prudent to be diplomatic. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, is the cliché that comes to mind. Quote:

It’s not that difficult to understand why Robert O. Young’s message is so seductive to cancer patients. He offers hope where conventional oncologists and surgeons are ethically and professionally obligated to offer their best assessment of the patient’s prognosis and what results they can expect with science-based therapy. Quacks like Dr. Young are not constrained by the truth. It works, too, unfortunately….

I really hate seeing blogs like Danielle’s and stories like hers and others I’ve seen. They make me feel so helpless. I know, using science, reason, and logic, that Danielle has chosen a path that precludes her one and only chance of survival, science-based treatment, in favor of what I consider to be quackery. Her chances might not be that great with conventional therapy. I understand that. I understand, as much as it is possible to understand without actually having cancer myself, the sense of hopelessness she must have felt when she was told she had stage IIIC breast cancer. Unfortunately, her chances following Robert O. Young’s quackery are about as close to zero as I can imagine. Worse, even if conventional therapy can’t save Danielle’s life, it can provide good palliation, something Robert O. Young can’t do. 

The actual blog referred to, New Life – A New Beginning, is by invitation only, so couldn’t check for the latest update.

Science-Based Medicine » Another cancer tragedy in the making.


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