Why understanding the iPhone could be a key to healthcare reform

One of the wilder comparisons on healthcare approaches, comparing the unified system (hardware, software) of Apple with a more component-based approach of Microsoft/Dell (or other PCs). Quote:

The unified system does a better job of controlling costs, Christensen (Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen) argues. Health systems, such as Kaiser Permanente in California and Geisinger Health System in Pennsylvania, take a broader and more comprehensive view of healthcare. Because these systems view illness as a cost that they must cover, they see prevention of illness as a way to cut those costs. The components of a modular system don’t look at illness in that broader context. They make money by providing treatment. To them, treatment is a revenue opportunity.

…. But healthcare technology doesn’t seem to follow the same trajectory as consumer technology. We’re not using the expensive medical stuff of years ago. It’s been replaced by newer expensive stuff. 

Why understanding the iPhone could be a key to healthcare reform.

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