Daily Coffee May Help Keep Grim Reaper Away – Yahoo! News

For the coffee drinkers among us. 3 cups a day (weak coffee, not expresso, given it is a US study!) may lower the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease, respiratory illness, stroke, diabetes, infections, and injuries and accidents.

Before you go and fill up your cup, the caveat is that this was an observational study, and thus no cause or effect relationship established (other behaviours may be responsible).

Daily Coffee May Help Keep Grim Reaper Away – Yahoo! News.

And French version of the article:

Boire trois tasses de café par jour diminuerait les risques de décès

And all the caveats spelled out in some detail. Quote:

The study’s researchers found that coffee drinkers were more prone to engage in a whole host of unhealthy activities. They smoke more, are more likely to consume three or more alcoholic drinks a day and eat more red meat. They exercise less and eat fewer fruits and vegetables.

When the researchers isolated coffee consumption as a single variable, they did indeed see a drop in the risk of premature death. But when they looked at coffee-drinkers who had those bad health habits, the risk of death was actually higher: Coffee-drinkers are actually more likely to die early because of those habits.

No, drinking coffee probably won’t make you live longer – The Washington Post


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