Life, Interrupted: The Beat Goes On –

A nice reminder of the healing and restorative power of music, in the latest by Suleika Jaouad. Quote:

Oncology wards, more than anywhere else I know, are musicless places. Instead of melody, there is constant beeping. Instead of singing, there is the steady medical call-and-response loop: nurses hollering to one another; patients calling, sometimes screaming, for their doctors; nurses scrambling to find the doctors; visitors searching frantically for nurses…..

As the sound of Jon’s harmonaboard filled the hallways, nurses and patients filtered out of their rooms. The patients who could walk, walked. Those who couldn’t were wheeled to their doorways by nurses or family members. Others listened from their beds. Every inch of the 25-room floor was filled with music. Timidly at first, and then with jubilation, patients, nurses and other hospital workers began to dance and clap. The oncology ward was breathing a sigh of relief, its inhabitants rejoicing in a temporary timeout, losing themselves to the beauty and healing power of the music. I was beaming beneath my face mask.

Life, Interrupted: The Beat Goes On –


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