The online presence of health information empowers patients

One of the more optimistic, almost utopian version of how online information and related eHealth applications will improve healthcare outcomes at reduced cost. One of the bigger challenges is figuring out where can online activity appropriately replace traditional contact, with increased efficiencies, and where does it simply increase overall demand for healthcare, at increased cost and time, as well as the investment in infrastructure required to provide an effective online presence.

The ‘baby steps’ that I see with my family doctor (office completely electronic, all paper scans into the system), at the Blood and Marrow Transplant clinic (good EHR for all hospital related records, but hopeless paper-based notation of clinic visits, and openness to email communications – which I try to use sparingly), and some of the new monitoring devices that allow us, not just the ‘quants’, to more closely monitor our health, will likely be the way that change occurs incrementally.

The online presence of health information empowers patients.


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