After the rankings, what happens in the doctor’s office?

A good list of things to do to improved the experience with your doctor, prepared by Massachusetts Health Quality Partners and Consumer Reports. Nothing terribly new here:

  1. Take detailed notes and consider bringing a friend or relative (particularly important if major disease and related treatment options being discussed)
  2. Ask doctors to repeat what you’ve told them, to make sure they hear new (never thought of this but I am a great fan of ‘playback’ in general as a way to ensure understanding)
  3. Tell your doctor what’s important to you, and speak up if not addressed
  4. Make sure your doctor knows about the care provided by others
  5. Ensure test result follow-up
  6. Ask your doctor for recommended preventative screenings, tests and vaccines (and recognize that the guidelines change periodically)

Only gaps:

  • Do some basic research on your condition(s) to help you understand what the doctor is telling you and help you formulate questions
  • Be nice and courteous to the doctor and his or her staff – we are all human, and one can be an active and engaged patient and strong advocate for what one needs, but with warmth and respect.

Not Running a Hospital: After the rankings, what happens in the doctor’s office?.


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