The Right to Choose Your Cancer Treatment –

Nice vignette on Babette Rosmond, a pioneer in empowered patients and the right to choose one’s cancer treatment, at a time when radical mastectomy was the standard approach. Quote:

Ms. Rosmond’s crusade for women’s rights very much fit with her times. Her book cam out in 1972, the height of “second wave” feminism and its campaign for the Equal Rights Amendment, which Mrs. Ford enthusiastically supported. For her part, Ms. Rosmond could not stand being patronized by male doctors, even though they obviously had enormous expertise. “I think what I did was the highest level of women’s liberation,” she told her readers. “I said ‘no’ to a group of doctors who told me, ‘You must sign this paper, you don’t have to know what it’s all about.’”

We have all benefitted from pioneers like her.


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