Bloomberg’s mega soda ban makes sense

Good piece. Quote:

It takes 10 classic Coke bottles to fill one of those KFC “mega jugs.” And it isn’t a Marine slogging through the jungles of the South Pacific who’s drinking the mega jug. It’s a grossly overweight, sedentary teenager, whose risk of diabetes and a shorter life goes up with every slurp.

In a sane world, corporations that sold such a grotesque product to adults would be considered shady and irresponsible; corporations that sold it to minors would be scorned and vilified like they were tobacco companies. These corporations would suffer, and change their ways. There would be no need to even consider government regulation.

But we don’t live in that world. In this world, most people don’t know, or refuse to accept, that something as simple as portion size can have a major impact on their behaviour and health. And corporations don’t suffer for heaping crap on kids.

Bloomberg’s mega soda ban makes sense.Bloomberg’s mega soda ban makes sense.



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