An American Tragedy: A Serious Diagnosis And No Health Insurance – Forbes

Puts the ongoing US healthcare debate and upcoming SCOTUS ruling in perspective and context.

An American Tragedy: A Serious Diagnosis And No Health Insurance – Forbes.


4 thoughts on “An American Tragedy: A Serious Diagnosis And No Health Insurance – Forbes

  1. Thank you for sharing the Forbes article about my recently diagnosed friend and colleague, Susan Murphy-Milano. We have also started a blog for updating her many friends and followers, and, like you, find that writing about the cancer journey not only helps us with a better level of understanding, but may also help someone else, (Susan’s life’s work), Conquering Cancer. Me

    That Susan, who has been in the public eye for over 20 years as a family violence expert, has to ask that same public for financial aid is quite difficult. A woman with immense pride, it’s embarrassing for her, but at the moment, the only option available until other things can be put into place such as disability or government assistance through Medicaid, which must be applied for and could possibly be denied. In the meantime she must have treatment and expensive lab work and procedures.

    Your blog and your journey are important, not only for your own well-being, but the information which comes directly from those with cancer is the most valuable, in my opinion. Health and happiness to each of us!

    • Happy to share. Please let readers know when the ‘Conquering Cancer’ blog is up and running (only has a splash page now) and I will be happy to put on the blogroll. Her story makes me thankful that I live in a country with universal healthcare where these kinds of issues don’t present themselves (some healthcare issues are common to all countries).

      All the best to Susan and she is fortunate to have friends like you supporting her.


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