Could mobile apps replace doctors?

More on how mobile apps may affect medicine. This post notes the limits:

  1. The adoption of mHealth apps will never reach 100%
  2. Mobile health apps were never designed to replace doctors
  3. Mobile health apps provide data, not care
  4. All patients are not the same
  5. Personalized medicine does not imply the patient becomes the doctor

All valid points. One of the things I have learned from my medical team is that some are using the Internet excessively, and thinking they are becoming medical professionals, rather than using it to become more informed and empowered patients. One used the analogy that just because we played Flight Simulator (showing my age), doesn’t mean we challenge the pilot when taking our next flight.

I expect with mobile apps, there will be a range of how people use them, with the inevitable tensions that may create with their medical teams for some.

Could mobile apps replace doctors?.


What do you think?

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