Darryle Pollack: Surviving Cancer: It’s Complicated

Another take on the labels we use when describe people living with cancer, focussing on survivor, and howc ancer is, for many, a chronic disease, requiring ongoing medical care and attention. Quote:

The sheer size of those numbers, the broad spectrum of ways cancer impacts lives, and the high costs — financial and otherwise — pretty much demand that we pay attention as a society to the topic of cancer survivorship.

And it’s complicated to begin to understand the issues and needs of cancer survivors, and what can be done to improve the quantity — and quality — of life after cancer.

Darryle Pollack: Surviving Cancer: It’s Complicated.

And a reminder of how the proportion of cancer ‘survivors’ is going to rise to 18 million (from close to 14) over the next 10 years in the US alone, according to the US National Cancer Institute.

Are we prepared for 18 million cancer survivors?


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