Suleika Jaouad – My Incanceration

The latest from Suleika Jaouad. Some reflections on hospital as prison (I felt that way when in isolation but ankle bracelets? Weird). End quote allows her to see hospitals more as purgatory, a half-way house.

Could I begin to see the hospital not as a prison, but instead as a place of healing that was at times punishing? Could I learn to view my doctors not as judges but as gatekeepers to a long and complex healing process? This much I knew: I was lucky to have my family, friends and a dedicated medical team in my corner.

Still, every time I think I have come to peace with my reality, a new bump in my medical journey can quickly undo any fledgling resolve. But instead of listing all the ways in which having cancer has obstructed my freedom, I am challenging myself to think of cancer as my guru. To remind myself of all I have learned this past year. It’s hard, but I’m trying.

My Incanceration


2 thoughts on “Suleika Jaouad – My Incanceration

    • Marc Dery also made the parallel and there is enough there to make it meaningful, although the purpose is largely rehabilitation and recovery, not punishment. Thanks for the comment.

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