4 Suggestions for Halting the Lethality of Cancer | Scientific American Blog Network

In addition to the usual practical steps (staying away from the obvious triggers – smoke, sun, pollution, rebalancing diet towards more fruits and vegetables, and exercise), adds a fourth one: stay ahead of your doctors.

Not quite sure that I agree with the ‘stay ahead’ aspect. Be informed yes, but hard to get ahead when our doctors have the benefit of their years of study and experience. Secondly, part of living with cancer is living, and that means doing as much stuff outside of one’s cancer identity as possible, and trying to become an expert, as Mark Dery noted, runs the risk of cancer metastasizing our life.

Love the closing quote:

A final word: if you do everything right, and still get cancer, don’t feel guilty. Blame biology. For cancer is a consequence of being many-celled, of living longer, and of the inherent changeability of our DNA.

4 Suggestions for Halting the Lethality of Cancer | Guest Blog, Scientific American Blog Network.


2 thoughts on “4 Suggestions for Halting the Lethality of Cancer | Scientific American Blog Network

  1. By “get ahead,” I meant that looking at clinicaltrials.gov can provide an alert about ongoing research that perhaps physicians might not be aware of, particularly non-specialists. Or looking at eurekalert.org can provide info on new studies that aren’t in the journals just yet — such as investigations of dietary interventions or other approaches. And I agree that you can’t define yourself by your disease and stay sane.

    What I hate is when people, such as celebrities, undergo whatever treatment, sometimes for mere months, and declare themselves “cured.” They “beat” cancer. Having cancer means a lifetime of check-ups and tests. If all goes well, you can forget about it in the interim, maybe even go a year without a reminder.

    Speaking as a biologist, I’d bet that everyone has cancer cells. That’s why tumors are often found on autopsies of individuals who died of other causes.

    Thanks for reading my blog.

    • Point well taken – always some nuance here.

      I share the same hates. While I never wish anyone bad, watching Chavez do his macho thing only confirms to me that it is advanced and serious. I always prefer the term ‘living with cancer’ as sooner or hopefully later, it may come back.

      Thanks for the comment and engaging the discussion. Always appreciated.


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