We are overdosing on medical tests

Another good piece on over-testing:

  1. Not everything that is found is actually a sign of disease.
  2. Our capacity to interpret has exceeded out ability to find.
  3. The lowering of thresholds brings more people into the ‘disease category.
  4. Historically treatment benefits were determined on more severe cases.
  5. The reclassifying of normal body processes as a disease (e.g., menopause, osteoporosis).
  6. Treatments can do harm.


This is not an argument against treating people who need it and who would benefit. It is against the reclassifying of well people as diseased and the notion that everyone has something wrong with them until they have been screened to prove otherwise.

Early diagnosis is not the same as over-diagnosis. The medical industrial complex is over–reaching its mark and doing collateral damage to people who were well till they got drawn into the net. Nine American Colleges have produced a website called Choosing Wisely making the case for not doing certain procedures tests or treatments routinely. This problem is not confined to the USA.

Rather than see health as an absence of disease we need to see health as the presence of wellbeing. This is in the hands of the individual on a daily basis and is about how they eat, exercise, rest, and manage their stress and the other basics of health.

The best way not to be sick is to be healthy.

We are overdosing on medical tests.


What do you think?

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