What Improves Quality Of Life For Dying Cancer Patients?

Another study, this time from the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, confirming the main factors that help affect quality of life for terminal cancer patients:

  1. Intensive care stays during the final week of their life.
  2. Hospital deaths
  3. Level of patient worry at the start of the study
  4. Meditation or religious prayer at baseline
  5. Where the cancer care took place
  6. The use of feeding tubes during their last week
  7. Pastoral care inside the clinic or hospital
  8. Chemotherapy during their last week of life
  9. The patient-doctor therapeutic alliance where the patient felt they were being treated as a whole person

And a good quote on how reducing patient worry can also help:

“By reducing patient worry, encouraging contemplation, integrating pastoral care within medical care, fostering a therapeutic alliance between patient and physician that enables patients to feel dignified, and preventing unnecessary hospitalizations and receipt of life-prolonging care, physicians can enable their patients to live their last days with the highest possible level of comfort and care.”

What Improves Quality Of Life For Dying Cancer Patients?.


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