Family Life Changes | Cancer.Net

A good piece on how family life can change following cancer in the following areas: roles, responsibilities, needs, intimacy, and future plans, with a number of practical suggestions:

  1. Put one person in charge of giving medical updates
  2. Expect relationships to change
  3. Take the lead in talking
  4. Let people help you
  5. Stay involved in social activities

And closing quote on the importance of communication:

….communication is especially important in the relationships that people with cancer have with those who care about them. A lack of communication leads to isolation, frustration, and even misunderstandings. Talking about feelings and personal needs with honesty, sincerity, and openness greatly reduces the stress that cancer places on relationships. If you are having a hard time talking with people, or if others don’t seem to want to communicate with you, consider asking for help by joining a support group or talking with a counselor or social worker.

Family Life | Cancer.Net.


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