Oh, trouble, stemness is thy name. | Exploreable

A good more detailed look at recent research findings showing the presence of cancer stem cells and how current treatments largely miss them. More scientific than most of the media, so for the cognoscenti. With respect to implications for treatment:

We will clearly have to make eliminating cancer stem cells a priority in dealing with cancer, while radiotherapy has the inherent potential to eliminate these most chemotherapy probably does not, and even with the advent of targeted therapies we will need to ensure that we don’t leave stem cells behind.

We have had some thinking heading this way already with the understanding that stem-like cells, as CSCs are otherwise known, may be sensitive to inhibitors of the Sonic hedgehog pathway which is hyperactivated in them, and there is some degree of preclinical evidence showing that this may be worthwhile investigating…

Oh, trouble, stemness is thy name. | Exploreable.


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