I am a physician and guns are a disease

A strong opinion piece, looking at guns as an epidemic. Quote:

Our society is sick with spreading Gun Disease. It is does not matter whether a gun is legal or illegal, it adds to the carnage and fear and results in more guns. To defend the disease because it is legal or Constitutional is irrelevant. Breast and pancreatic cancer are legal and Constitutional, but I have never heard it said that we should stop doing cancer research because everyone has the right to get sick. A civilized nation does not encourage disease.

There is no immunity from the either guns or bullets and under the pressure of enough fear of gun violence, anyone will pick up a firearm and anyone can be shot. Guns are contagious and epidemic. Whether it is a four year old on a play ground in a drive by, a cop on the beat, the owner of a pharmacy, a cheerleader walking with a friend or 12 people who make the fatal decision of watching a movie, this kind of sickness is primitive and unsupportable. Like a host with a virus infection, we will become so burdened by the mass of arms that America, as we know it, will collapse.

In the Middle Ages, plagues were blamed on Witches and Warlocks. In order to fight infection, men and women were burned at the stake. Epidemics spread until entire societies were wiped out. Our need to find blame for gun violence whether it is demented criminals, computer games, poverty or drugs is equally ignorant. In order to prevent contagious infections, whether it is from virus or guns, you must get rid of the infecting agent.

Guns create guns. Feeding off their human hosts, they are a fatal infestation of our Nation. Perfect, uncaring, relentless, soulless metal machines, they proliferate and we die. The history of medicine makes the future clear. How we act now will decide whether our society survives.

I am a physician and guns are a disease.


What do you think?

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