Doctors: Social media strategies to manage your identity online

Applies more to the private sector model of the US, but some of the pointers on social media are more generally applicable:

  1. You cannot control what people are saying about you or your business;
  2. You have 100 percent control of the online story you create;
  3. Start with a professional website;
  4. Respond to comments;
  5. Remain diverse and don’t get stale; and,
  6. Engage in online communities.

The other point I would add, is not to underestimate the time and effort involved. Quote:

Medicine and the delivery of care is rapidly changing. The Internet has provided both patients and physicians with instantaneous information, feedback and opportunity. As physicians, we must embrace the fact that our patients and our potential customers use the Internet for screening and evaluation of providers as well as to gain information about their particular medical problems. It is essential that today’s physician develops his or her own online reputation now. Put your best cyberfoot forward. It is a top priority for me — my digital footprint has opened many doors and provided many new opportunities to educate and serve patients both at home and across the world.

Doctors: Social media strategies to manage your identity online.


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