What if the Doctor Is Wrong? – WSJ.com

An older article on some of the horror stories of incorrect diagnoses, and recommendation in serious cases to get a second opinion. Some practical questions to ask during a second opinion appointment:

  1. Have you reviewed all the materials related to my case?
  2. Was the lab test/image/biopsy specimen adequate to make a firm diagnosis? Would a repeat test give us more information?
  3. Are we certain that this is the disease that I have? Could there be another explanation for these symptoms or results?
  4. If you agree with the initial diagnosis, can you confirm or suggest modifications to the first doctor’s proposed treatment plan?
  5. Can you reassure me that we have explored all the options?

While I was not as systematic during my second opinion consultation at Princess Margaret Hospital, we essentially went through the 5 issues/questions.

What if the Doctor Is Wrong? – WSJ.com.


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