Helping cancer survivors fight neuropathy

One of the few articles I have seen on neuropathy, or numbness in the extremities due to cancer treatment (one of the prices we pay). While I have some neuropathy – mainly in the feet but also a bit in my hands – I am lucky enough that this does not impede my normal activities. Not as specific an article as I would like in terms of what to do about it (basically, just provide pain relief and rehabilitative care, without saying what kind of rehabilitative care can help or not).

I will be asking my medical team next week if there is anything that I can do through exercise or physio to help manage my neuropathy, beyond my normal activities.

Helping cancer survivors fight neuropathy.


One thought on “Helping cancer survivors fight neuropathy

  1. This subject is dear to my heart as i suffer from peripheral neuropathy and alongside having diabetes.

    I found this article overwhelming but great to read and hopefully i can take some comfort away with me. Thanks for a lovely article.

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