Physicians May Not Be Social, But They are Interactive – Forbes

While written largely from a business development perspective, the application of big data and business intelligence to looking for patterns of behaviour has both positive (accountability) and scary (big brother) implications. I expect that many of us might be surprised what analysis of our purchasing and other patterns would show. Quote:

The key is to design and deploy solutions that mine the ever-increasing data noise to identify relevant interactions. A hospital may not need to care about every $15 lunch that a physician forgets to report if it has a solution to systematically identify medical anomalies that may be the result of unhealthy industry payments. Pharmaceutical companies may not need to hire multiple resources to manage the many complaints of physicians concerned about mis-attribution of payments if it deploys a portal to communicate and adjudicate those interactions directly with their physician consultants. Companies that leverage Big Data effectively will not only out-compete their peers in realizing value from their interactions with physicians but could actually create more engaging and valuable relationships.

Physicians May Not Be Social, But They are Interactive – Forbes.


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