I’m Back… (Doctor as patient)


I always enjoy reading the experience of doctors as patients. The lessons from Leonard Lichtenfeld’s experience is one of the better ones. Lessons:

  1. Your caregiver is your most important asset.
  2. I may be a good doctor, but I am a lousy patient.
  3. Hospitals are a tough place to be when you are sick.
  4. Sometimes your negotiating skills come in handy at the unlikeliest times in the unlikeliest places.
  5. Your body needs to heal, so listen to it.
  6. You have friends and colleagues who understand your situation. Let them help you. The world will not end if you rely on the willingness of others to handle some of the burden.
  7. We live in a new world, where technologies-both communications and medical-allow us to do some really crazy things (e.g., participate in conference calls from the hospital).

I’m Back….


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