Few Doctors Discuss Exercise With Cancer Patients: Study – MedicineNet


My clinic and doctors are pretty good on this point, reminding me and others of the need to be active, and providing occupational and physio therapy as needed. While not at the level of specific exercise programs, there was strong exhortation to get up and walk, as that provides most of the health benefits needed. Quote from the study:

She (Andrea Cheville) and her colleagues found that patients who exercised regularly before their cancer diagnosis were more likely to exercise after treatment. They also found that many patients considered daily activities, such as gardening, to be sufficient exercise and didn’t realize that these activities tend to require minimal effort.

“Most were not aware that inactivity can contribute to weakening of the body and greater vulnerability to problems, including symptoms of cancer,” Cheville said.

Cancer patients took exercise advice most seriously when it came directly from an oncologist, but none of the patients in the study said their oncologist had discussed exercise with them.

“Generally, patients are not being given concrete advice about exercise to help them maintain functionality and to improve their outcomes,” Cheville said in the news release.

Few Doctors Discuss Exercise With Cancer Patients: Study – MedicineNet.


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