When it’s time to drop your Bucket List – The Globe and Mail

Some nice reflection by Judith Timson on the alternative to the bucket list – the ‘Fu….geddaboutit’ list. Bucket lists are more about checking things off and in some cases, denial; the F-list is more about letting go and accepting, and what is truly important. For those of us with cancer or other serious health problems, while some may prefer a bucket list, many of us, more or less gracefully, move towards the F-list. Some quotes:

F-list items can be things you have to stop wanting because life got in the way. A successful friend, sidelined by illness from her high-profile job, confesses she has edited out “being centre stage.” ….

Sometimes you just change your definition of cool. Showing up at every opening, or wearing the hottest new wardrobe item are on many people’s F-list by the time they reach 30.

So is mindless cocktail-party chitchat or hosting elaborate dinner parties with social acquaintances competing to tell the best anecdote. Better a casual dinner with great, intimate friends….

If we don’t change or shape our dreams as we age, we’re not growing, or living a fully examined life.

I suppose in my case, my blog and book are a way of channeling my ‘centre stage’ wish, although I would prefer to dignify it with the wish to create meaning!

When it’s time to drop your Bucket List – The Globe and Mail.


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