More data on why people reject science – Respectful Insolence

Results of an Australian survey on ideology and science. Fun title, NASA Faked the Moon Landing – Therefore (Climate) Science is a Hoax. Quote:

In the end, this study, although in reality more of survey than a proper study and a self-selected one at that, is yet another bit of evidence that tells us that denial of science almost always boils down to ideology. Science that agrees with a person’s ideology (or that at least does not conflict with it) doesn’t cause a problem. It’s science that challenges ideologist that result in denialism. That’s why fundamentalist Christians tend to reject evolution and free market libertarian types tend to reject AGW. Perhaps more rigorous studies could help define more precisely what drives denialism of the sorts of science that I’m most interested in, specifically science-based medicine, as this current survey only hints at such issues. In the meantime, I’ll simply keep bumbling along in my own way trying to combat in my own litter corner of the blogosphere the rising tide of irrationality when it comes to medicine. At the very least, I can shine a light on the infiltration of quackademic medicine into medical academia.

More data on why people reject science – Respectful Insolence.


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