How Exercise Can Help You Master New Skills –

Fascinating research on how exercise can increase memory and mastery of new skills, and potentially also mental skills. Another reason to get up and move :). Quote:

Want to remember how to ride that bike, in other words? Then ride it as soon as you have managed to stop wobbling. The exercise seems able then to cement the memory of how to ride. Ditto if you’ve just perfected the snap of your tennis serve or the spin on your soccer kick. Go for a run immediately afterward, and your body may later better remember.

Whether that same run will strengthen the creation and storage of more intellectual memories remains to be seen, although Dr. Roig is optimistic. He and his colleagues are working with schoolchildren in Copenhagen to determine whether having the youngsters run about or otherwise exercise immediately after being taught a new concept improves their later test scores in that subject. Early results are promising, and could make the mastering of algebra almost invigorating.

How Exercise Can Help You Master New Skills –


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