Policy experts need to lead by storytelling

The importance of story telling in getting people to change behaviour, whether smoking or cancer screening, and some of the challenges. While I am a great believer in the power of words, I also favour regulatory ‘nudges’ to help influence behaviour in more healthy directions. Quote:

This [story telling] is not a small task by any means. As Douglas Ready observed in the context of training the next generation of business leaders, “storytelling, strange as it may sound, is hard work and very labor-intensive for those who choose to try it.” The same is true of developing the next generation of leaders in public health. It is not enough just to understand what the science shows, especially if the body of evidence supports a conclusion that contradicts current beliefs. The best way for a leader to persuade people to accept a counterintuitive health message is to craft a compelling narrative.

Policy experts need to lead by storytelling.


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