Disruptions: Your Brain on E-Books and Smartphone Apps – NYTimes.com

An interesting and amusing take on how we adapt and develop new habits with respect to technology. While I have never ‘swiped’ a book or magazine, having a touchpad rather than a mouse is so much more natural to me given my ingrained habit from my iPad – and sometimes I want to swipe my laptop screen.

“Brains love habits; brains are built for efficiency,” Mr. [Clifford] Nass [a Stanford professor of cognitive science and communications] said, noting that I wasn’t sick, maybe just a little too technological for my own good. “Our brains are built to put two things together in space and time and then say, ‘Great, I can remember that these go together.’ Then we execute on that, like you trying to scroll down a piece of paper with your finger.”

Although videos have been floating around the Web showing 1- and 2-year-olds trying to use a magazine like an iPad, you would think a 36-year-old man would know the difference. Gary Small, director of the Longevity Center at the University of California, Los Angeles, has performed studies showing that the human brain adapts to technology in seven days, regardless of age.

Disruptions: Your Brain on E-Books and Smartphone Apps – NYTimes.com.


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