Myths and misunderstandings hamper efforts to prevent cancer

I do not recall similar surveys in North America but would not be surprised if these were similar. Easier to blame things on genetics – which we don’t control – than lifestyle, which we do. Quote:

“These studies highlight the fact that a large proportion of the European population does not particularly like the idea of ‘self-responsibility’ for personal cancer prevention –that is, changing their habits and lifestyle accordingly. Rather, they blame genetics and society for getting cancer,” said Prof Hans-Jörg Senn, St. Gallen, Switzerland, Chair of the ESMO Cancer Prevention Faculty.

“Increasing awareness of the importance of primary cancer prevention is an enormous health-political issue for the future,” Prof Senn said. “If we do not become more successful in truly and significantly lowering the incidence of major cancer types, such as gastrointestinal and breast cancer in our ageing society, we will wind up with drastically increasing financial burdens for ever-more active treatment and care, besides the projected losses in working capacity and the accompanying burdens of human suffering.”

Myths and misunderstandings hamper efforts to prevent cancer.


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