We are doomed | Sunrise Rounds

A strong reminder of the need to disconnect from the ether and be in the moment, provoked by a cancer patient picking up her cellphone in the midst of being diagnosed for cancer. Written more strongly than I would have expected from an oncologist, but he makes the point. Biting. Quote:

This can only mean that cell phones have the power to drain your will to live. The digital connection deprives the brain of its survival instinct, with thought and free will neutralized. It is the final function of modern culture; Society fattens with supersized nutrition, baths you in chemicals and radiation, addicts you to smoke while you sit frozen in front of a 145 inch TV and when you finally get cancer, a result of being fatally groomed by a dirty unhealthy lifestyle, your soul is pulled out of you body through your ear so you can not even focus enough to save your life.

We are doomed | Sunrise Rounds.


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