Help your doctor better help you

A reminder about patient responsibility and partnership with your medical team. Quote:

But that is not what always happens. You explain, questions are asked (or often not), and there is little to no follow through (although I always dictate my findings and recommendations in the presence of the family, and ask 3 times if everything made sense, and if there are any questions). Almost everything we talk about has written material supplementing our discussions. Sometimes I ask the family to repeat back to me what they want to do so I can be sure we are on the same plane.

This is where I become frustrated. At what point have I done everything I can do? I try to educate, but there has to come a point where the family (and appropriate age patient) needs to take some responsibility. With the internet and all the educational materials we provide, the layers of helpers that are available in our office to speak with patients, including myself, I think that communication is sufficient. But it has to be a partnership, a two way street. And I hope for those of you who are planning a trip to the doctor in the near future, think about this patient encounter I have described and decide how you can help your doctor better help you.

Help your doctor better help you.


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