Is there pain after death? | Sunrise Rounds

While much of the focus of advance directives and end-of-life planning is centered around the person dying, a reminder that there can be ongoing effects on those remaining should the loved one suffer pain and suffering in the last few months. Sobering. Quote:

When we think of end-of-life planning, we focus on those immediate moments for the patient and family, as well we should. The opportunity to live one’s life well, even at its end, should not be denied, and must be the first goal of palliative medicine and hospice. However, we cannot overstate the need and potential to protect and even nourish future generations by treating pain of all types in patients with terminal illness, and in families sharing that passage.

There is pain after death, and I suspect it is the cause of much waste, anger and tragedy in our society. We must strive to prevent that suffering. Good things are possible, loved ones can be together, memories shared, and solid foundations laid. Patients, families, doctors and caregivers must protect and treasure even this difficult time of a person’s life, because as one life ends, others are beginning.

Is there pain after death? | Sunrise Rounds.


3 thoughts on “Is there pain after death? | Sunrise Rounds

  1. Thank you so much for this post! This is a subject very dear to my heart. I am so grateful for palliative care and compassionate doctors like James Salwitz! I hope you don’t mind but I am going to reblog this article! Thank you Andrew.

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