There is no app for patient engagement

A reminder that it is not all about technology and that patients are already engaged – otherwise they would not be seeing a doctor. How doctors respond to patients makes a difference. Quote:

Whether patients remain engaged by the time they leave the doctor’s office, and to what extent, are the questions we should be asking. For example, how “engaged” would readers here find it if they went to their doctor only to have the doctor:

1) not ask why they are there (fears and concerns), or worse, ignore the fears and concerns which they describe to the doctor,

2) disagree with the doctor as to the visit priority and how to diagnose and treat it, including for example being prescribed medication when you don’t want to take pills, or

3) found out that you knew more about your problem and how to deal with it than your doctor?

The point is that providers need to be engaging to patients in their demeanor, attitudes, and how they talk with and listen to patients. Doctors need to know who the patient is, what their fears, concerns and expectations are and what the patient is able and will to do.  Meaningful patient engagement, the kind that leads to long term health behavior change, begins with patient-centered, interpersonal relationships between patients and their doctors.

There is no app for patient engagement.


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