20 Signs That You Have the Wrong Diagnosis | Brain Health Consulting


Not a bad list. Key thing is if a serious diagnosis, get a second opinion.

  1. You’re told that you have a rare or unusual form of the diagnosis.
  2. It doesn’t fit your personal history.
  3. It doesn’t fit your family history.
  4. It doesn’t fit your age.
  5. Your family and friends seem confused about it.
  6. Therapy isn’t helping at all.
  7. Your doctor is quick to pull out the prescription pad.
  8. You’re advised to take expensive medical tests.
  9. The medications aren’t working.
  10. You’ve diagnosed yourself.
  11. The symptoms don’t fit.
  12. Your behaviors aren’t predictable.
  13. It’s your first diagnosis.
  14. The diagnosis was made based on test results.
  15. Your doctor is a primary care physician.
  16. Your doctor is a specialist and made the diagnosis quickly.
  17. Your diagnosis is very similar to another one.
  18. You’re getting worse, not better.
  19. Your doctor doesn’t take your questions or concerns seriously.
  20. You drink or use drugs.

20 Signs That You Have the Wrong Diagnosis | Brain Health Consulting.


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