Stop cancer research? | Sunrise Rounds

Good summary of how medicine has evolved, and how the next major push should be on prevention by Sunrise Rounds.

100 years ago, the medical model was one of acute disease and trauma. The major events that threatened life were infection, such as syphilis and TB, childbirth and accidents. Chronic illness was rare because we did not live long enough, as the average lifespan in the United States in 1900 was 47 years. Medical science therefore focused on measures to prevent and treat infections, make birth safer and treat injury. This resulted in the rapid rise in life span to 70 years by 1950.

Then the model of illness changed to that of extended diseases such as heart disease, dementia, diabetes and cancer, and research focused not on preventing these illnesses but on treating the affect of these maladies. It is a chronic illness approach where large numbers of patients spend the last years of their lives debilitated while receiving increasingly toxic and expensive therapy to draw out functionally limited lives. This has increased survival only six or seven more years.

The alternative model proposed is a modification of the present life – disease cycle, which instead of focusing on deterioration in the last years of life, targets the prevention of disease during healthy youth. The concept is to achieve high functioning illness free life for the longest possible time and then have the cycle complete with a short end-of-life acute phase focusing on quality. In other words live a healthy life, to say 90, and then die quickly. Theoretically, this would produce a net longer lifespan and a higher functioning level with less suffering.

The scientists testifying in Texas emphasized the need to spend dollars on true health maintenance, studying at a basic science level as well as in the general population, methods to prevent and delay chronic disease. We think of good health practices, such as diet, exercise, reduced alcohol and avoiding smoking as core to such an approach, and as such we each have a responsibility for our own bodies, but while critical this approach is too basic. Sophisticated health practices must be developed, examples of which are the HPV vaccine which by preventing Papillomavirus infection in young people will shortly wipe out cervical cancer, understanding cancer causing genetics or identifying man made chemicals which infest our environment and cause disease.

We must not stop cancer research; the suffering from these diseases requires compassion and a cure. However, as we assign health priorities it may be wise to realize that man at his base is not a chronically ill creature cursed to live a wretched life of suffering and pain, but rather he possesses a marvelous body which is naturally strong and robust by design, and perhaps our goal should be to keep him that way.

Stop cancer research? | Sunrise Rounds.


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