Cancer patient refuses to pay for hospital parking – Nfld. & Labrador – CBC News

While I have sympathy with patients of limited means for all the incidental costs related to cancer treatment (see Patientes atteintes du cancer – Des factures très élevées pour des malades,  Why, in a sea of pink, are so many cancer patients in the red?), this doesn’t extend to parking. Compared to expensive out-patient drugs (only covered in Quebec I think) and in many cases, loss of income, parking is a relatively minor ‘co-pay’.

Perspective please, people.

Cancer patient refuses to pay for hospital parking – Nfld. & Labrador – CBC News.

In Ottawa, this was less of an issue as we found the free short-term parking (10 min walk to the hospital), and for longer stays, when I could not drive, I was dropped off.


5 thoughts on “Cancer patient refuses to pay for hospital parking – Nfld. & Labrador – CBC News

  1. It truly irritates me that we spend hundreds of thousands of rands/dollars on hospital accounts and still get to pay parking. We could of paid off an entire wing of a hospital…and bought a huge piece of land with the parking fees with Vic. The main member of the medical aid or the spouse should get free parking. Some hospitals in South Africa provide convenient and free parking to the loved ones of ICU patients.

    • I should have known better to discuss parking. In the Canadian context, we do not pay for hospital care (apart from through our taxes) so for me the issue is that of perspective. Should hospitals bill for services, of course, then I can understand the frustration.

  2. In the UK certain patients have their parking drastically marked down, to about 1 pound per hour. This is a big help when you’re visiting the hospital daily for radiation and waiting at least an hour, sometimes more, for treatment. And it was particularly useful when we would wait an entire day for chemotherapy (including all the tests beforehand). When I was sick we bought a friend’s car to get to & from the hospital, but we were nevertheless very low income and cancer was a blow to the pocket book.

    Basically when things were so stressful, this was a help.

    I understand the perspective is different here in Canada where so much is covered but not everything, and parking is seen as a way to give back to the hospital. However, it would be an interesting idea if parking bursaries would be offered to lower income families and individuals.

    Chances are this fellow was having a hard time himself, and this was just one way of trying to reclaim some control.

    • Thanks for your comments on the UK experience. Not sure how NHS coverage compares with Canadian medicare. Some hospitals here may have some exemptions for certain patients; I am just not aware of them.

      As noted in my earlier reply to Tersia, always risking when one comments on parking. And I suspect you are right, Mr. Badcock was likely trying to reclaim some control, which we all struggle to find ways to do so.

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