Exercise Could Fortify Immune System Against Future Cancers


Some additional evidence of the benefits of exercise, this time in strengthening the immune system, particularly T-cells. While I am not sure whether exercise can prevent recurrence of cancer (certainly wasn’t in my case), it does help with general recovery and health, and any increased immunity will help fight normal, run-of-the-mill diseases. Quote:

She [Laura Bilek] adds that this finding highlights the importance of exercise for all, including those with cancer and cancer survivors. These two populations might benefit especially from the heightened “cancer surveillance”—the ability of the immune system to seek out and destroy budding cancers—that this study suggests exercise brings, Bilek explains.

“There’s a litany of positive benefits from exercise,” Bilek says. “If exercise indeed strengthens the immune system and potentially improves cancer surveillance, it’s one more thing we should educate patients about as a reason they should schedule regular activity throughout their day and make it a priority in their lives.”

Exercise Could Fortify Immune System Against Future Cancers.


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