A moral duty to help build healthier societies

Sunrise Rounds on the export of tobacco to developing countries, and how export promotion seems to be a more important goal than ‘exporting’ public health experience and advice. Quote:

It is bizarre and tragic that as western nations export modern technology, be it cell phones, improved water treatment, new foods or diverse education, they are failing to adequately convey their experience with health care disaster. Why have we not used our mistakes as a model to assist expanding nations and avert tragedy? Perhaps we see only future markets and customers we are willing to sacrifice so that we may enrich ourselves. At the most cynical it might be said that capitalist societies are willing to invest in future profit by selling cigarettes today, and plan to sell medical devices and drugs tomorrow. This is an appalling crop to sow and a terrible harvest to reap.

Great nations have the possibility of being great leaders. They can afford to guide those that follow to make better decisions and avoid the places they have stumbled. We have not only the opportunity to help build better, healthier societies, but the moral duty to try.

A moral duty to help build healthier societies.


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