Let Me Tell You What’s Wrong With Me – NYTimes.com

Quite a funny piece on the aging process, all too true in many aspects. Quote:

In our youth, we smoked pot and talked about the bands we loved. As we became older, we sipped wine and talked about our children. Now that they are grown, we drink green tea all those antioxidants and talk about our bone density.

Doctors, cholesterol, coenzyme Q10: we boomers never run out of cool stuff to talk about. At 20, who cared about your blood pressure? At 50, I can’t wait to hear all about it. In fact, I’m all ears. Mine even ring.

Chitchat has certainly changed. The answer to “How are you?” used to be “Great: I met a cool guy and didn’t get home till three in the morning.”

Now, it’s “Great: I’ve been doing those exercises my physical therapist recommended, and things are much better.”

Let Me Tell You What’s Wrong With Me – NYTimes.com.


4 thoughts on “Let Me Tell You What’s Wrong With Me – NYTimes.com

  1. I liked the article but I particularly enjoyed Susan’s comment. She was right: Why grow old and spend time complaining about it? Because it’s the expected thing to do at “that age”?

    Who’d want to look back on their ‘golden years’ as nothing but complaints?

    Live it up! Do all the things you wish you could have when you were young – prove your body wrong :). “Falling apart” is a part of life! Might as well push through.



  2. Andrew, I’m so glad you enjoyed my essay. I did worry that people with truly serious health challenges might be offended rather than amused by it. So I’m grateful for your response.

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