Life, Interrupted: Hurricanes and Cancer –

Yet another aspect to Hurricane Sandy and its impact of ongoing cancer (and other) treatment  from Suleika Jaouad. Just another worry to add to the normal chemo and cancer-induced worries. Quote from one of the relatively lucky ones:

I was lucky to be able to make arrangements to stay with friends who live near the hospital where I get my treatment and to begin my chemotherapy cycle just two days late, a delay that won’t do any lasting harm to my health or my treatment plan. But the hospital felt like a ghost town. As I walked down the hallway to the infusion suite at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, the waiting rooms, usually crowded with patients and their caregivers, were almost empty. As a nurse checked my vital signs, she told me that she hadn’t been able to reach many of the other patients. Some were not picking up their phones. Others called to say there was no way they could make it into Manhattan.

Life, Interrupted: Hurricanes and Cancer –


2 thoughts on “Life, Interrupted: Hurricanes and Cancer –

  1. We can empathize greatly as my husband was released from the hospital the day before the hurricane. He was only Day +23 at that point. We lost power and there were times that we felt truly alone. The “floor doc” wasn’t his regular doc and really didn’t empathize with us at all. So scary but happy to report that we got through it – our nerves are shot, have power back and my husband is safe.

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