Pros and cons of letting patients record doctor visits –

As one of my hematologists suggested recording key patient-doctor discussions given his sense that note taking, either by the patient or caregiver, was less accurate, I was interested in this piece of the pros and cons of recording. While much of the article is about situations when a family member wants a recording, not the actual patient, where privacy concerns increase, nevertheless captures some of the issues well.

My own sense is that if this helps the patient, and the doctor is comfortable, the advantages likely outweigh the disadvantages. Quote:

A middle path that could avoid these risks while preserving the benefits might be to record only the beginning and end of the visit, leaving out the physical examination and providing patient and doctor with some privacy to discuss matters that should not be shared. In this case, the patient and physician would decide together what is to be recorded. Perhaps the taped record would include only the patient’s discussion of symptoms (to let him or her discover later whether everything was presented to the doctor) and the physician’s summary of instructions, explanations of prescriptions, follow-up appointments and so on.

Pros and cons of letting patients record doctor visits –


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