Patient education is often an afterthought

Good points on the current limits of patient education. While my experience in Canada has been much better than my mother-in-law’s experience in Switzerland, it still falls far short of the potential. Quote:

What if the simple fact of receiving a diagnosis- say diabetes, cancer, or multiple sclerosis- set in motion a series of automatic events. What if short videos on this patient’s condition were made available to her on a laptop or iPad during her hospital stay? What if a text was sent to her mom’s cell phone with a link to an e-patient community that could provide support and information? What if I could ask my EMR to print out a handout in the patient’s language and specify that it be modified to the appropriate reading level? What if a week after they went home this family was automatically sent a series of questions that assessed their understanding of medications or recommended care and their primary care doctor was emailed regarding any significant areas of concern?

Patient education is often an afterthought.


3 thoughts on “Patient education is often an afterthought

  1. It frustrates me no end that doctors are so selective in the information they share with the patient. My grandson’s second urologist was absolutely amazing earlier this year! So is the Hospice doctor now. But we have had 38 years of poor, totally inadequate, unacceptable education. Thank God for Google! Ten years ago I spend 100’s of hours in libraries…

    • I think doctors are getting better here. Google is both a blessing and a curse, as one has to find the more reputable sources. But better than having to wade through long books at the library.

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